My Blog Tour Schedule!

My debut novel, Hunter, will be released on April 30, 2019. As of March 18th, I started going on a blog tour and so far many different new and exciting blogs have hosted me and more are sure to come. I wanted everyone who follows my blog to be able to follow along and click the links as the tour goes on, so this is a list of my Blog Tour Schedule and it will be updated as the blog tour continues.

Day 1 – March 18th – Erica Hogan’s blog. This one talked about some of the struggles I went through and how it compares with Hunter’s main protagonist, Averella. Find it here: Guest Post With Erica

Day 2 – March 19th  – Heidi Lyn Burke’s blog. We had a random, fun, hilarious interview so if you’d like to learn a bunch of random things about me, visit it here: Interview with Heidi

Day 3 – March 20th – Kandi Wyatt’s Blog. She interviewed me a set of preference questions at first but then got in depth about Hunter. Click here to view: Interview With Kandi

Day 4 – March 21st – Peter Younghusband’s blog. Peter talked with me in depth about Hunter, where the original idea for it came from, why I wrote it, and features all kinds of extras you won’t get to see anywhere else, including a unique excerpt from the book! Read it here: Author Spotlight With Peter

Day 5 – March 22nd – Stephanie Ayer’s blog. Stephanie interviewed one of the main protagonists of Hunter, Jared and also promoted some cool graphics. To read this exclusive character interview, click here: Character Interview With Stephanie

Thanks so much, everyone! I’ll be updating this list as Hunter’s Blog Tour continues!


Strong Female Characters: A Comparison Between Mulan and Rey

Creating strong female characters didn’t use to be any more difficult than creating strong characters in general. Lately, a few people seem to think that movies and TV Shows don’t include strong female leads anymore. When in fact, female leads seem to be popping up more and more and either that, there are female leads like Rey from the new Star Wars Sequels that are meant to be strong when in reality, they’re simply poorly developed characters surrounded by weak male characters in hopes that will make the woman shine that much more. And yet people claim that only white males have an issue with this. Well, I’m a fangirl – another words, I’m a female – and I have issues with characters like Rey and other Mary Sues.

So I’m here to take an in-depth look at a strong female lead versus a character like Rey, who was supposed to be a strong female lead but all she ended up being was a weak, poorly developed Mary Sue used for political agendas rather than creativeness to try to entertain us.

Mulan versus Rey.

Ironically, both female characters were created by Disney, but something went terribly wrong with Rey. What was it? Even if you’ve never seen Star Wars, it’s easy to understand the problems with her character by simply comparing her to Mulan, which is a classic Disney “princess” from back in the 90’s (man, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to, do they?) and most of you have probably heard of Mulan at some point or another. And before you assume or think I’m comparing them because Mulan’s one of the more warrior type Disney Princesses, no, that isn’t where I’m going with this.

Let me back up and start at the beginning. Quick summaries of Mulan and Rey. Mulan is a story about a woman who disguises herself as a man so she can join the army to keep her father from having to do it in his old age. She becomes a warrior and saves all of China. Rey is a lone girl who has had to survive on her own on a desert planet until she gets caught up in an adventure and realizes that Jedi are real and that the legendary Luke Skywalker is alive. She finds him and then gives herself over to the bad guys and though the Resistance is mostly destroyed, she defeats the bad guys and runs away with what’s left of the Resistance. That’s as far as we know in that story.

Now that you’re up to date on both of these stories, let’s examine them. For Mulan, I want to take a look at a specific scene in the movie. Disney with the animated movies they do, has a good way of showing time passing through songs. A man and woman can fall in love in the time of a song, and in Mulan’s case, she trained. Even if you ignore how catchy the song itself was and just examine the montage, it’s fantastic. She starts of sucking at everything that she does; she’s clumsy, picked on by the other men (which makes us root for her more), she can’t catch fish, or carry sacks, or run as fast, or shoot a bow and arrow, and she like all the other men, can’t climb a giant post. As the song progresses, she and the other men gradually get better until she can run faster than any of them, shoot better, and she’s the only one out of the entire army to climb the giant post. Just when the general told her to leave, she was determined to win and finish this. So she climbed it. There was sweat on her brow, and she struggled for every movement as she climbed. She was intelligent and figured out a technique that none of the other recruits (all men), knew and she was the first and only one up it.

Not only did this make us root for her and care about her, but it showed us that she worked for everything she had. She worked for her rank, the respect that the men around her gave her. They looked up to and admired her, even the general who was well trained. It wasn’t about who was male or female. It was about working for what we have, training, and effort, and determination. That reflects real life because we all have to train and work at things, even if we’re good at them.

Rey, on the other hand, didn’t believe in the Force or Jedi and suddenly, days later, she’s able to best an evil Sith Lord who’s trained his whole life in a Jedi mind trick. She’s able to use the Force to steal a lightsaber from him. He kills a good man in front of her and days later, she’s running off to help him. She fights these highly trained guards that are supposed to be protectors of Snoke – the evil “main” bad guy and fights them better than the trained Sith Lord does. She never once trained. Being a Jedi is something that according to Star Wars canon, has to be trained. Jedi Knights spend their entire lives training with the Force, learning how to use and harness it. Even Jedi Masters still have things they need to learn. They never stop growing. It takes time to be able to pull a lightsaber out of the snow and it certainly would be far more difficult to best a trained Sith Lord, even with him being injured as he was. Even if she was able to download his memories and use that to learn how to do the Jedi Mind Tricks – as it mentioned in the books – either 1) that needed to be showed and explained further in the movie and 2) Even with that, it doesn’t make sense. Watching and learning it and then applying it are totally separate things.

Even training with Luke for a little while would have showed that she grew naturally rather than Rey’s a perfect character because she’s a female that we’ve placed a political agenda onto. Instead of trying to 1) tell a good story 2) be true to Star Wars 3) honor Star Wars canon. Even doing a short, three-minute montage or less like Mulan did, where Rey tried and failed, then tried again, put in effort, struggled, and overcame would have showed us how strong she was. Like Mulan, we would have rooted for her and cared about her. We would have been cheering her on and wanted her to win.

Like Mulan, we would have gone on a journey with her which means that we would be more interested to where that journey ended. Like after Mulan saved China. Instead, they chose to leave Rey alone where she makes no mistakes because she’s supposed to represent this strong female character that’s perfect and knows how to do everything without learning or putting an effort or overcoming anything to be an example to young girls. How is that teaching anyone anything?

  1. People make mistakes. What we need to be teaching young girls is how to own up to their mistakes and how to learn from them. That’s life. Mistakes teach us how to be better, how to grow stronger
  2. We all love watching a character whether male or female overcome obstacles. We want to see them fail so that when they struggle and try again, it’s that much more powerful when they succeed.
  3. Who wants to watch a character who always wins and beats everyone around them? No one. Yes, we may want a happy ending – like how Mulan saved China – but that would have been less enjoyable had she never been found out to be a woman, had she not been forced to struggle to get the men to believe her when they saw her as weaker. Proving herself to be stronger wouldn’t have meant anything had the men not rejected her when they learned the truth. Then, when they all agreed to help her, it meant so much more because Mulan did that, she overcame that.
  4. Purposefully making all the male characters around a female character weak just to try to show the female character as strong DOESN’T WORK. It only proves to us that you can’t write or show a strong female lead on your own without making everyone around her weak. Look at Mulan. She’s the strongest, best-developed character in the movie Mulan and Shang is a strong character. So are the other men in the army. They grow and develop – they’re hilarious – but they all have their strengths and their determination to be soldiers no matter what makes them strong. Yet Mulan naturally outshines them because of her determination and how she overcomes so many obstacles and how well loved she is.

Sorry, Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, and Rian Johnson, but Mulan is a stronger character than you can make and guess what? She was a kid’s movie and yet, still watched and loved by adults – both females AND males. Yes, white males included in that.

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Be Bold!

As Christians, it’s sometimes hard to stand up for our beliefs. Anymore, the world has become backward; if we say anything to stand up for our beliefs then suddenly, we become the “bad guys.” I’m here to tell you today brothers and sisters in Christ; be bold! Stand up for your beliefs no matter the cost!

There is something extremely twisted when building a wall to protect our country is racist, but murdering babies is now legal. There’s something twisted when having boundaries such as no homosexual content in my writing group is considered discriminating and yet it’s okay to slander someone behind their back. There’s something twisted with America and this world.

There have been times when I thought, “It’s not worth it.” But it is. Every time. We have to continue to stand up for our beliefs because we are the only ones who can. The Bible is God’s love letter to us and it’s a guide by which we are to live our lives. He is Holy. God makes the rules. After all, He created us, the world, the universe, everything inside it so He has every right to tell us how we need to live. Abiding by His standards and obeying His law and spreading the good news of the gospel to others is our purpose here on earth.

With that being said, we are to love others. When you love someone, you tell them if they’re heading down the wrong path. If you and a friend were in a plane 10,000 feet up and they were blindly going to jump out of it, you would warn them first. “Put on a parachute. Trust in it!” You would do whatever you could to keep your friend alive. Friends, this is what we are to do here! There are millions of people about to jump out of an airplane thinking that they can save themselves when in reality, only Jesus Christ can. He is their parachute and we have to tell them about Him.

Today, people think Christians are too judgemental and I agree, some are. But when you love someone you don’t let them just do whatever they want. Parents discipline their children for a reason; because they love them! We need to stop being afraid to be bold about our beliefs to others, to warn them about the path they’re heading down.

Now, that’s no excuse to be rude. Remember, we are all sinners and fall short of God’s glory. Your sin is just as worse as theirs. Don’t forget that you’re a sinner and that you can’t save yourself either. Only belief and trust in Jesus Christ can save you, just like it’s the only thing that can save everyone. So please, I urge you, do not be rude or disrespectful when telling others about Jesus.

Jesus ate with sinners. He spoke with them and loved them. But He himself was sinless. For this reason, I will speak with anyone; I will be nice and kind to them and be their friend, but at the same time, I can’t allow certain types of books into my writing groups and competitions. That isn’t discriminating and it isn’t rude. It’s having guidelines and standing up for what I believe in.

In this society, it’s harder and harder for Christians to be open about their beliefs, but Friend, you are not alone! Be bold!

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Ten Video Games You Should Play Right Now

As a major nerd, playing video games is a part of my life. There are times that some video games are so addicting they almost start to consume my life and let’s face it, we all have things that make us procrastinate more than we probably should, right? So, in no particular order, here are ten video games you should play right now.

1) Subnautica


This is the most recent one I’ve been playing lately and let me tell you, it is massively addicting. It’s sort of like Minecraft if you’ve ever played it but it’s not a square world. There are plenty of stunning visual scenes. Basically, you crash land on a water world and you have to gather resources to survive. The gameplay has a few different modes:

Creative – This is where you can do anything you want without dying.

Survival – This is where you have to gather resources and eat food and drink water to survive. You can die, but you will respawn

Freeform – This is where you have to gather resources and can still die and respawn but you don’t have to eat or drink to survive.

Hardcore – This is just like Survival except you only have one life. Yeah, I didn’t make it very far.

As you gather resources, you can build bases which require power so you have to create things to generate power. You do have to keep an eye on your oxygen level that’s in your tank or you drown, so don’t get lost while exploring a cave or a shipwreck – been there, done that, died from it already. Eventually, you explore wrecks where you can find parts to different ships you can build. The smallest and quickest is the Seamoth, then there’s the Prawn Suit, and last is the Cyclops which is a massive submarine.

There are lots of different creatures to encounter and various biomes scattered around the map. Each biome has a specific set of creatures that typically stay in that particular biome. Yes, there are predators and yes, many of them can eat you. Some, such as the Leviathan Reapers, are big enough to eat your Seamoth – terrified anyone?

So, if you’re a gamer and you’ve never played Subnautica, you really should. If you love games similar to Minecraft or exploratory games, you’ll love it so much.

2) Skyrim


This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s part of a franchise so many gamers love the games that came before it or after it – Elder Scrolls Online – but I haven’t played it yet, so I’m here to talk about Skyrim. This is one of those games you really have to be careful with because if you aren’t, you’ll forget reality entirely. Basically, you’re captured and nearly executed and epic stuff happens. You can customize your character however you want and it’s literally so detailed, it made me picky and now any other video game that has less to let me customize, I don’t like because Skyrim did it better. Once you make your character, you don’t even have to do the main storyline. You can literally do whatever you want. You can join other guilds, kill people, collect cheese, explore caves and ruins, fight dragons, level up, join a magic school, whatever you want. It’s medieval style game with weapons similar to that time period but it’s also high fantasy with magic and dragons and all sorts of magical creatures. Yes, things can attack and kill you, especially dragons. Bandits are set to randomly generate, so you can literally just explore and encounter random bad guys to fight. The graphics are absolutely amazing. This is the video game I literally first ever played, which is the reason why I’m so picky about the games I play now. If you love games with good storylines, open-worlds, challenging ways to level up, and fun action scenes with difficult battles, then Skyrim is a game you have to play. Right now.

3) Assassin’s Creed


This is probably one of the biggest video game franchises in existence right now. It doesn’t even matter which one in the franchise you play, just pick one and play it. It’s a hardcore action game so if you love fighting, you’ll love any Assassin’s Creed. Some of the sequences are super challenging, so if you love a challenge, then you’re going to be obsessed. If you’re a history buff, you’re going to be fangirling or fanboying about Assassin’s Creed. There is literally so much historical detail in the games that it literally taught me history better than history class but it teaches it in a fun and engaging way. Literally, in any game, if you go to a location, the scenery will be exactly as it was in history at that time period. The clothing on the characters are legit to the time period and so are their languages and accents. There is a lot of intense action where sometimes it’s you against an entire army and the majority of the action is based on stealth and sneaking.

Here is a list of the Assassin’s Creed Games available on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles:

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Which ones have I played? I played from Assassin’s Creed all the way to Rogue and then didn’t have an Xbox One for several years, so when they switched to only the Xbox One Console for Unity, I didn’t play Unity or Syndicate. Just recently, my husband got his Xbox One fixed so I finished playing through Origins.

Each of these games takes place in a different time place in history. The people you assassinate in-game actually died on those dates and sometimes you get to be part of real events in history. Assassin’s Creed III is my favorite because I love the Revolutionary War and the main character is a Native American which is another piece of history I love. You get to be part of some of the war’s most well-known historical events. Black Flag is awesome because you’re a pirate so that one really introduced ship battles and a lot of extra gameplay that’s super cool. Origins really drew me in because it was Ancient Egypt, so there was ancient ship battles, new mounts, – they had camels; eep! – and all sorts of new things added to the game and the gameplay itself.

So whether you love history, fight scenes, or a challenge, any of the Assassin’s Creed games would be the perfect choice for you.

4) Call of Duty


This is another franchise and it’s one I don’t know too much about but one I like. It’s a first-person shooter game always focused around the military. I have never played through the storylines on any of these so I won’t get into detail with those, but the multiplayer on them provides loads of fun when you’re playing with friends – unless you tend to get shot and die a lot, like me. Most of the games on a multiplayer have different maps you can choose from, various types of guns you can use, and different style of mini-games like capture the flag, infected, and others. Some of them also have a bonus game called Zombies which is literally where you and anyone you’re playing with have to hold out against hordes of zombies in a particular place which is unique to whichever Call of Duty game you’re playing.

5) Minecraft


If you love building or are a creative person then you’ll love it. It’s a square/block type world so sometimes it difficult to replicate things you’re trying to make, but if you give it a little thought – or Google how other people have done it – you can pretty much create whatever you want here. I’m a writer, so Minecraft is a game I use to create a lot of scenery or environments from my books – or as much as I can, anyway. They have a creative mode, which is where you have all the resources at your disposal and can do or build whatever you want. Then there’s survival mode which is where you have to eat, you can be killed, and you have to gather resources to build things with.

The fun thing about survival mode is that at night time, monsters spawn and yes, they can kill you; zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers are just a few of the ones they have in game now. So you can go out and fight them – and in my case that usually means I die – or you can sleep through the night to skip until morning. In the sun, most of the monsters burn up, except for creepers. I hate those things, don’t you, Minecrafters? You can tame animals so you can have pets like cats, dogs, horses to ride, donkeys, mules, and parrots.

And now they actually are adding mini-games to it. One is where you get to throw snowballs at the friends playing with you to try to knock them off a floating island. Last person standing wins. Another is basically the Hunger Games – fighting for resources and try to kill each other. Last person standing wins. Then there’s one where you put on wings and fly through a race course. With these, you can do two different game modes: either you race and the fastest time wins, or you try to fly through as many hoops as you can to win points and the player with the most points wins.

Minecraft is another one of those games that can become really addicting if you’re not watching yourself.

6) Star Wars Battlefront

maxresdefault (1)

Now with this, you can either play the origins that were for the Xbox or the new ones on the computer. I personally recommend the originals but I haven’t played the new ones. Basically, this is Call of Duty but its Star Wars. You have different maps and weapons, can play with others and try to fight the bad guys or in the originals, you can follow the campaign. It takes you through the story of the Clone Wars and Order 66 and then onto the Empire versus the Rebellion. You can also choose to play as any of the four factions – either the Republic as Clones and Jedi; the Separatists as droids and the Sith; the Empire as Stormtroopers and Vader, Sidious, and Boba Fett; or the Rebels as the Rebel Soldiers and the main heroes of the Rebellion. Then, you’re fighting against that particular factions opposing side – Republic against the Separatists or the Empire against the Rebellion – and you visit planets and try to take them over and sometimes you have to fight in space, which is really fun. It’s addicting and I’ve played through the storyline twice and still don’t get bored. Taking over the galaxy is also super fun and it’s a great time killer too. If you’re a Star Wars fan, then definitely give this game a try.

7) Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors


Now both of these are older games for the Xbox 360, but if you keep an open mind and give them a try, you’ll like them if you enjoy combat and Chinese/Japanese warrior fighting, battles, and warfare. It’s a really clean game and like I said, it’s a bit older so some of the things can be a bit cheesy at times. They are a franchise so they have multiple games to play either in Dynasty Warriors which is Chinese warriors or Samurai Warriors which of course, is Japanese warriors. Some of the Games are part of the main franchise and have different storylines based on the time period they’re in, so you get to play historical figures from that time period and help them win certain battles and fights they were in. Then there are also the off-set games which you can play without knowing anything of the main storyline – in fact, an off-set game is the one I started on originally. These games are where you can take over either China or Japan depending on if you’re playing Dynasty Warriors: Empires or Samurai Warriors: Empires (the Empire games are the off-set ones). Taking over the country is super fun because you can control who your generals and commanders are and try to strategize to either build up your forces, keep your people happy, pay money to build more fortifications, and deal with random scenarios that sometimes pop up. Then, the second part of the gameplay is that you can choose to attack other states within your country and then you actually get to go and fight to take them over. Another fun game we love to play is what’s called Sugeroku on Samurai Warriors: Empires. This is basically monopoly but it’s on a console, the map is Japan, the characters are the ones from the game and sometimes the chances end up with you having to play fun mini-games that are quite challenging. We’ve done this for hours before, but careful – if you’re competitive this could end with a few household fights.

8) Sims


Okay, this is yet another video game that will consume your life if you like these sort of games since it’s a bit of an acquired taste. Basically, you make a character and Sims 4 lets you customize them even better than Skyrim does. Your character gets to live in town and you can give them a personality, career, have them meet people, get married, have kids, eat and drink, sleep, etc. You basically get to control their lives and play out their lives as you go. As a writer, this is amazing for making characters to use their Sim picture as character profile pictures and it’s also fun to just make random characters and create stories based on their lives. This is a game for a particular type of gamer, though, so if you prefer storyline and action, it probably wouldn’t be too fun. But it’s a great time killer and it’s highly addicting.

9) Zoo Tycoon


Now this is far older and it has a few ones – one and two that I know of – and it started off on the computer but then branched into the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well, I think. Basically, you get to make your own zoo. This is similar to Minecraft that you get to build things but you don’t have to gather resources to build. Instead, you have to use money so sometimes it may take a bit of time. The funny thing is, you can get yourself into a pretty bad loop if you use your money un-wisely because then you need people to visit your zoo to give you more money so you can make better attractions but people won’t visit your zoo without the better attractions and of course, you don’t have better attractions without people visiting. See the problem? You can buy animals, care for them, name them, and have to ensure they’re happy and cared for. If not, you can actually get in trouble for not taking proper care of them. They have different packs you can buy so you can even have dinosaurs and ice age creatures too – careful that the carnivore dinosaurs don’t escape and start eating people. It’s really addicting and can draw you into the game, especially if you get really caught up in making a perfect zoo.

10) Plants Versus Zombies


This one shouldn’t be as addicting as it is, but it is. Basically, you gather sun, which randomly generates during the day or from planted sunflowers, to buy plants. These plants do various things like shoot pods, or are thick like shields, freeze whatever they touch and so on. Waves of zombies try to get through your yard and you have to use the plants to stop them. If not, the zombies eat your brains and you die. It’s kid-friendly and really fun to play and it’s a really great time waster. They come up with really creative and funny plants and have all sorts of mini-games to play that give you an extra layer of fun to enjoy.

Now that you have a list of fun games for you to play right now, why don’t you try some of them? Be careful not to procrastinate too much or get so caught up in the games you forget reality… Who am I kidding? We’re gamers so that’s what we do best. I hope you enjoyed this list.

Which games are your favorites? What do you like about the games on this list if you’ve already played them? What games do you like not on this list? I’d love to know!  

Why Blame God?

A while back, I had commented on a pin on Pinterest explaining something that someone had misunderstood about God and Christianity. Ever since then, I’ve had many replies and replied to all of them to address their problems and issues with what I said. One, in particular, took place the other day and it’s been an ongoing conversation that I think a lot of non-Christians need to hear in love and even some Christians too.

Sometimes, I look at the world today and my heart becomes so saddened by what I see. People easily offended, hurting one another online. Politicians lying, activists claiming to be fighting for what’s right when all the while, our rights are slowly being chipped away piece by piece. We live in a country where building a wall is offensive and upsetting to people and yet the murder of innocent babies is allowed, encouraged and in fact, it’s offensive if you are against that because “women have the right to choose.” Yes, that is true, but babies do too (don’t tell me that a fetus isn’t a child. Even as a cell, once the sperm and the egg come together, it forms many different things within that cell that eventually becomes a human life and in just a few short weeks, the baby has a heartbeat).

People die. Women and men are raped. Christians and other people are persecuted for their beliefs. Soldiers fight and die for their country. Children are kidnapped and abused and bullied. Natural disasters kill thousands of lives. Life is terrible and bad things happen.

None of these happen because of God. Many non-Christians will use that as an excuse or a reason why they believe God doesn’t exist. Work with me here:

Imagine you’re on an airplane and of course, you might admire how it looks or how large it is. You’d probably compliment the company who made it and produced it. Now imagine for a second that your flight suddenly goes wrong. The plane starts shaking and then it crashes and many people die – men, women, children, a lot – and you’re surrounded by debris and fire and devastation – the evidence of something terrible happening all around you – just like we see in the world today.

No one would say or think that just because a terrible plane crashed happened and many people died that that suddenly meant the plane didn’t have a maker or that it was the maker’s fault or the companies. No, they would be sad, sympathetic with the people who had lost loved ones, and know that something terrible happened.

That something went really wrong.

God created this world to be perfect in the Garden of Eden. He even put us as humans there when he created Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, Satan intervened and because Adam and Eve gave in to sin, this meant that the perfect world God created was no longer perfect. We as humans became enemies of God the instant sin entered our lives. Because of that, we have a sin nature, we are enemies of God. This world is terrible because we live in a sin-fallen world. This world isn’t God’s and it isn’t meant to be. God’s world is perfect just like God is pure and perfect Himself.

Of course, God loves us so much so you know what He did so that we could still have a chance at a perfect life with Him? He sent His Son Jesus Christ to suffer on the cross and die for our sins. Jesus took God’s wrath against sin for us and suffered for us and then He rose from the dead, so that now we can live in Heaven with God if we trust in Jesus, ask Him to live in our hearts, and repent of our sins.

If you’re in court, if someone pays your fine, the judge can let you go. God is the judge and Jesus paid your fine. He paid everyone’s fine and now we don’t have to go to our death sentence. We can be freed.

But a gift has to be accepted. Jesus has already paid the debt for your sins.

Will you accept Him?

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash


Jared’s heart hammered in his chest and he couldn’t stop his body from trembling. He didn’t want to die, didn’t want to face whatever was going to happen to him, didn’t want the Hunters to do it — they always made it slow and painful. – Forgotten (White, 2019).

Forgotten is a short eBook introduction to my book called Hunter, which will be published on April 30, 2019 by Ambassador International. Forgotten will be free for one day only, on February 23, 2019, so don’t miss this opportunity to download it free while you can!

Only the Chosen can stop The Dark Master from spreading Corruption throughout the Galaxy and The Dark Master will do anything to destroy the Chosen.

Jared, one of the Chosen, lives in a world oppressed by the Aretul, who imprison men and boys as prey for the Hunters. After two years of running and hiding, he’s caught.

Only they don’t kill him.

Instead, they give him a prize beyond his wildest dreams . . . but at what price?

Shadowhunters Final Season Trailer (And Game of Thrones Too)!

Today’s post is going to be really short – I’ve been sick earlier this week and am still trying to catch up on things. The trailer for the final season of Shadowhunters has been released and it definitely makes me not want to wait for the final season – although I wish it wasn’t the final season.


Pass the hashtag along if you believe the show should be continued.

In other news, I’m fairly certain the Game of Thrones final season trailer has dropped as well; I saw one on YouTube but I haven’t confirmed if it’s legit or not. If it is, it’s definitely a teaser trailer because it TEASES the fans.

*Spoilers for the trailer below. You’ve been warned*

Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Sansa Stark are all walking down in the crypts of Winterfell. Then, the inevitable happens – the entire place turns icy – Winter is coming!

Watch both the Shadowhunters Final Season trailer and the trailer for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones below!

Shadowhunters Final Season Trailer

Game of Thrones Season Eight Teaser